Apr 29

#Imagine - Niall Horan

Imagine you’re working in Nando’s like normal, the place is dead today, probably because it’s a Sunday, you’re cleaning a random table when you hear the door open, you take a quick glance not really bothering to see if you know them and all you really see is Blonde boy and a boy with a cool quiff, you walk over to your place at the counter and grab a note pad and go into the back room to find a pen, you walk out and go over to their table “Hi, are you ready to order” you ask them and you look up to smile at them and then your automatically stunned, right there in front of you was Niall Horan and Zayn Malik… You smile trying to act like you聽aren’t聽bothered but inside you was having a serious fan girling moment, “Yes we are ready” Zayn smiled, “Okay then what would you like?” You ask, Niall looks at you and you gaze at those beautiful blue eyes for a second and you聽realize聽he looks as stunned as you were, you still smile and wait for there reply, he finishes ordering and you go and give the chef the slip when it’s done you take the food back out to them *Only 5 minutes until I finish* you think happily and then you stop behind the door because you hear them talking “I’m going to ask her for her number” Niall says, “She’s very pretty Niall, good luck” Zayn says back at that moment you open the door they both look over and smile, you smile back and put the food and drink on the table “Is there anything else you would like?” You ask “Yes” Niall replies, “What would that be?” you smile, Niall blushes and glances at Zayn, Zayn just nods and he looks back “Your number [Y/N]?” He asks, “Sure!” You write down your number on the note pad and give it to him, he smiles the most cutest yet and then you walk back through the door you almost die of excitement you listen in to what they are saying, you know you shouldn’t but you have nothing better to do “She even works at nando’s Zayn! She’s perfect!” he exclaims, “WOO” Zayn yells. You walk and grab your coat and walk out the door and Zayn and Niall are putting there jackets on at the same time “Do you have a ride home?” Niall asks “No I don’t” You say back “We have a ride would you like to come with us? We could drop you off at your house?..” He asked “Yes! Thank you!” You smile at him- This was the start to your beautiful relationship with Niall Horan

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